Blog Post 10 Video Storytelling

For this project, you and a partner were supposed to create a a video that tells a story about something. We chose to tell a feature story on the Office of Academic Support and what people do in there and how they can benefit from it. This project uses all the skills we have learned in other blog posts and combined them all together. It uses, photojournalism, audio, and editing techniques. For our story we showcased the OAS building and what it has to offer. As well, we interviewed two people who utilize the building. First interviewee was Steven Cox who works one on one with athletes, is title in the building is an academic coordinator. Our next interviewee was Trey Washington, and we we lucky to get some footage of him working with his tutor. He talked to us about how useful the OAS is to him.

The part I enjoyed the most was seeing the final project come together. All the interviews and raw footage you captured, all coming together to create a simultaneous video. I did a lot of the editing process, so I felt a sense of accomplishment when it was completed. One part I did not enjoy the most was trying to make the transitions as smooth as possible. I felt this was a weakness in mine and something I can practice on to get better at.

What surprised me about this assignment was how much knowledge I used from my previous blog posts in this blog post. Everything I have learned from this course can overlap in any project I might have to do in the future. If I could do something differently, I think it would be interesting to see how my video would turn out if I had to cover an event or if I were making a promotional video. I think it would be interesting to see how differently they turn out from one another.

I think knowing how to use and edit video is very beneficial for any career. It sets you apart from other people who might not have as much experience. Video can be used in almost any job. Whether you are making a promotional video, feature video, educational video, they all require the same basic steps that I feel I have learned from this course.






Blog Post 9 Live Tweeting

This assignment was about live Tweeting. It was to get comfortable using Twitter in a professional standpoint. A lot of online journalism jobs require you to be familiar with social media outlets and Twitter is a very common one. The even I covered was the Wyoming women’s soccer team end of the year banquet. The banquet was held upstairs of the football stadium in the Wildcatter.


I have never used or even been on Twitter before. I liked this blog post because it made me experience something new, which I have never used before. One thing I did not like about this experience was because I was unfamiliar with Twitter I forgot that you had to use hashtags (#) and further explaining something.


What surprised me the most was how little you can write and it take up a lot of the characters. You need to be aware of this because I had to change some of my original Tweets which were written on a piece of paper to fit the limited amount of characters I was given. Because I had never used Twitter before, this was something I found very surprising. I think if I were to do this assignment again, I would be more prepared and understand what is required. I think this assignment also enhances the different writing styles you need to understand. Because you are limited with how much you can write, you need to make sure you are getting out all the important information that is needed.


I can see myself using social media in a future career. It is something I believe everyone needs to be familiar with and this assignment further emphasized that idea to me. I now know I need to familiarize myself more with social media outlets such as Twitter and even LinkedIn. Those are some I am unaware of how they work and know of people who use them in their careers.

Blog Post 8 SoundSlides

Blog post 8 was about creating a SoundSlides project. This allowed us to combine the knowledge we learnt on photojournalism as well as audio recording. Previously we did two separate assignments on each topic, and now it was time to combine the two. We could chose to create our SoundSlides project on any topic we wanted and we chose to take a closer look into the University of Wyoming sports medicine training room and some people who are closely involved in there.

My experience working with my partner was super easy. We both wanted to be involved with the project and this was great. We both gave great ideas on what to cover and were both interested in the editing part.

For this project we did not use the official SoundSlides program. We had difficulty opening up and working the program; so we decided to go with a program that was already on the computer. We used the program movie player. Firstly we edited the audio in audacity and then transferred it to movie player. Editing the audio took the most amount of time, and once we were done that, it was easy to finish the entire project.

A problem we experienced was when we were trying to upload the project. This was where we had trouble. We uploaded the project once and nothing showed up. It did take us a while to figure how to do it. I had to talk to Dr. Landreville, and she was able to help me understand publishing the video first and then sending it in.

One thing I would change is completing the project in the SoundSlides program. Because we chose to do it in another one and it worked just as fine, I still feel I missed out on figuring out how this specific program worked. I really liked learning about combining pictures and audio and I think this is a skill that will be able to help me in the future with any jobs I could potentially have.

Edited Audio Profile


This was the first time I had ever done anything involving audio. I expected it to be difficult because I had never done it before. I made sure I read the instructions provided on the course blog carefully, and I also took the time to read the help page provided by the audio editing program. I was right about it being difficult when I first started, but I was very surprised as to how quickly I caught on and was able to edit my audio interview.

I enjoyed this assignment a lot because it is something I have never tried before and it was very interesting to me. As being a soccer player here at UW, I have done many interviews and have watched the final project of those interviews, but I never knew what went into the editing part. I know there is a lot more to learn with things such as video editing, but now I am not as nervous because I have experienced audio editing. I did not enjoy having to drastically cut out a large portion of the interview. It was very hard to go from five minutes down to two. I did not like cutting parts out because I did not know if what I thought was not as interesting as another person would.

What surprised me the most was how much time was necessary to edit an assignment. I thought it would only take 30 minutes to an hour, but it took me a lot longer. Firstly, I had to figure out how to work the program and secondly I had to listen to the interview a lot to make sure it was sounding right and not to many cuts and pauses.

I feel if I were to do this project again, I would be better at interviewing my partner, which would give me longer answers that I could work with. This would also help me with the editing process because I would have longer answers with more information and be able to edit my interview better. I also think my editing process would be quicker and I would feel more comfortable doing it.

I really liked my experience with audio and editing. I think with more practice, this could be something I become very familiar and comfortable with in the future. It is a great tool to have knowledge about for potential opportunities.

Raw Audio


I was nervous at first when I was told I had to interview a fellow classmate. Once I met my partner, we started talking and the conversation was easy and effortless. This made me more comfortable when interviewing. When using an audio recorder, I forgot about the recorder completely and was more focused on listening to the conversation. This went both ways as being the interviewer and the interviewee. The audio recorder that we used was super simple and easy to work with. I had never worked with one before but my partner had and he assured me it was easy. I was surprised with the sound quality and was very pleased with the whole process.

I was less nervous being the interviewer than the interviewee. I enjoyed interviewing my partner and learning about an important event in his life. School debt is something common among c0llege students and it was interesting listening to someone who has been through his and took a year off to start paying his debt off. I did not mind being the interviewee, but I was more nervous when being interviewed. I had to think quickly to answer questions and I did not feel prepared to be interviewed.

The only thing I would have changed was my interview. I thought it went well, but I could have gone more into depth on some questions. If I was given some time to look over questions or know them in advance, I would have been able to rehearse what I was going to say and hopefully have a better flow to my interview. Another thing I would have changed was the amount of verbal pauses I used. I caught myself a couple of times saying words such as, “like” and “um” so I assume there were some verbal pauses I did not catch while I was speaking.

Overall, I enjoyed learning how to use an audio recorders as well as sound cloud and audacity and I can’t wait to learn more about editing audio.



Creative Devices

I have not had much experience in photography before this assignment. My photos reflect a major aspect in my life, and they are the beginning stages of learning more about photography.

Photo #1 Leading Lines


The lanes on the track at the Louis S. Madrid Sports Complex.

This photo is called “Endless Lines,” and the dominant creative device is Leading Lines. This photo captures the viewers attention because the lines create a path that the viewer can easily follow. This photo sparks interest in the fact that tracks are never ending, they keep going in a circle and the lines prove this continuous motion.

Photo #2 Texture


This is a close up picture of the grass that makes up the Wyoming women’s soccer team’s game field.

This photo, titled “A Patch of Green,” uses texture as the creative device. The details of this patch of grass brings out the individuality each piece a grass has. No piece is the same colour or shape, and you do not realize this until you get close and analyze it.

Photo #3 Symmetry and Patterns


Looking upwards into the soccer netting at the Louis S. Madrid Sports Complex.

I titled this photo, “Sky’s the Limit.” I think this is a great example of symmetry and patterns because each square is the same shape and the picture can be divided vertically or horizontally, and it is still the same shape. Looking at this photo, it relaxes the viewer and it bring a sense of unity, and harmony to the photo.

Photo #4 View Point


The University of Wyoming women’s soccer team comes together at the end of practice, where they are preparing for two home games this weekend.

This photo is titled, “Together As One.” This photo is viewpoint because I changed the angle and moved myself underneath the Wyoming women’s soccer team’s huddle. It captures the soccer team coming together and showing the audience that they are one team. It creates a more interesting photo because it doesn’t focus on individuals but the hands of the team who come together as one.

Photo #5 Colour 


Colourful smoothies in a cooler, which are available to fuel student athletes.

I titled this photo, “The Fruit Wheel.” This photo is my example of colour because it shows the different and vibrant colour each smoothie container has. The colours stand out int his photo because of the black framing of the cooler, which keeps the smoothies cold. I pass by this container almost every day and only when I started this assignment, I noticed the distinct colours and how it fits in the colour creative device.


This assignment made me realize how simple it is to change the look of a photo by moving the angle of the camera. For someone like myself, who has never been thought about photography until this assignment, it has opened my eyes to a new concept of taking photos. Photos can paint a picture to the viewer, but the photographer is the one who chooses how that picture is presented.



Journalistic Web Story

Fulfilling a Passion

Rosales helps his players achieve higher levels through his own knowledge and experience.

“I got into this profession not to win or lose games, but to be given the chance to make a positive impact in a player’s life,” said Rosales.

William Rosales was born in El Salvado where he and his family lived for a majority of his childhood. Rosales grew up only loving two things, his family and soccer.

Growing up as an athletic kid, Rosales was never seen without a soccer ball at his feet. Growing up, Rosales played on a local soccer team and his coach saw potential in him at a young age. Rosales and his coach would stay after every practice to improve his talent. Rosales respected him for all the effort he put in and hoped one day he could positively impact someone the way his coach had done for him.

His athletic abilities and extra training led him to play professional soccer. Rosales played 12 years as a professional soccer player in El Salvador’s first league. Here, he was able to compete and win three national championships.

As Rosales’ success gained as a professional soccer player, he was given an opportunity to play for his national team. He was a member of the El Salvador National team for seven years. During which, he competed in nine World Cup qualification matches and 24 international games.

“After I retired from playing internationally, I knew I had to stay involved with the game,” said Rosales. “It was then I knew I wanted to coach.”

Playing for his national team was the only thing that kept him in El Salvador. When he retired from playing internationality, it was around that time he met his wife. Rosales knew he wanted to give his family a better life, and they decided to immigrate to Canada. Rosales and his newly wedded wife settled in Winnipeg, MB.

Rosales has a long playing resume, and it continued in Canada. He played professionally for the local team, the Winnipeg Fury. He also competed and won the Senior Cup in Manitoba twice.

“By this time, I knew my professional playing days were coming to an end,” said Rosales.

He started coaching his son who played soccer at the neighbourhood community centre. He continued to coach his son as he aged. Rosales became the Manitoba Provincial team head coach of the U14 and U20 boys. He was highly recognized in the province, which helped him become a member of the Manitoba Regional Training Centre (RTC) coaching staff. After receiving his national B license coaching certificate, Rosales had moved from the Regional Training Centre to the National Training Centre (NTC) coaching staff.

Now, Rosales is the assistant coach of the WSA Winnipeg PDL semi-pro soccer team.


“I have a lot of respect for this sport,” said Rosales. “It might just be a game to some people, but I believe it can give many opportunities to the players who are willing to work for it.”

Rosales knew he had an ability to connect with his players because he had already gone through the ups and downs his players were experiencing.

“I got into this profession not to win or lose games, but to be given the chance to make a positive impact in a player’s life.”

Not wanting to fail himself of his team, Rosales strives to be more than just a coach. By building his player’s confidence, he hopes to help them prepare for life off of the field.

“I knew of his coaching repertoire and was very impressed,” said Winnipeg PDL soccer head coach Eduardo Badescu. “But it was his ability to relate and get the most out of the players that I knew he would be a great fit for our team.”

“Rosales’ coaching technique is very up close and personal,” said former player Ali Musse. “I wouldn’t have been able to move to Vancouver and play for the Vancouver White Caps FC if he hadn’t opened my eyes to the opportunity.”

Musse is not the only player to have benefited from Rosales’ coaching. Tyson Fargo was a member of the WSA Winnipeg PDL team, and now is playing professional for FC Edmonton.

“If I have the chance to help on of my players make a professional team, I want to make sure they are prepared for everything that will come their way,” said Rosales.

If Rosales did not follow his true passion of coaching, he would not have been able to positively influence as many of his players as he has.

“The best feeling as a coach is seeing your team have the same passion and determination as I did when I played,” said Rosales.

Continuing on the path he has chosen for himself, he is not only positively impacting himself but also his players.

Multimedia Usability


Coal: A Love Story

This website was set up in a way where you followed step by step what the creators wanted you to read and watch. Each piece of information lead to another piece that told more details about the story. It made it easier to follow along because they pointed my in the direction that the story went through. This was the first time I had seen something set up in this format and I really liked how simple it was.

I thought the navigation tips on the course blog reflected what was seen on this website. It was very easy to move around on the page. There was multimedia that was integrated into the text and it was very easy to read. All the information was set up from left to right and from top to bottom.

It was not easy to find the contact information. I thought it would be easy because it would be placed either on the top or on the bottom of the page but I had to search for it. It look me at least more than five minutes to find the contact information. At the bottom of the page there were a lot of links to the News 21 site and their other social media pages. I found the contact information under the link, join our team. I thought this information could be better accessed if it were placed somewhere else.

When I conducted the usability test on another person, the first thing they commented on was how interactive this website was. They liked the way you followed the steps that brought more and more information as you kept going through the site. The person I conducted the test on started their journey by clocking the “start your experience” button. After watching the first clip, they clicked the “next” button, which brought them to the next phase of the story. When I asked them to find the contact information, it took them less than two minutes to stop searching and said they couldn’t find it.

One difference between what I looked at and what the person I tested was they did not comment on the appearance of the website. When I first looked at the site, I noticed right away that the main colors used were black, white and grey, which they used to represent coal and the darker side coal mining has on people and communities. A similarity we both had was how easy it was to navigate through the website. With one click; you were able to go from listening to a family’s personal story with coal, to calculating the amount of coal you produce in one day.



One thing I would not change about this website is the way the website is set up and how easy it is to navigate through all the information. I also liked how each individual clip and story allowed you the possibility to repost what you just read on Facebook or Twitter to share with others what you just read. Lastly, I would not change how interactive this site is. This website kept the people I showed and me engaged the whole time which is rare in some websites.

Three things I would change about this site are, making the contact information visible and easy to find. If a person has to spend more than two minutes searching for it , then eventually they will quite. I would also provide more information about how a person can help this cause. The site gives information about what is wrong but does not give enough information one how people can help. Lastly, I would show how if a person does decide to help, what their impact is actually doing to these people, communities and even the world.

-Alison Clarke

News Diet

I am horrible at keeping up with the news. It is something I have been trying to improve on and with the help of this class; I will be more determined to fulfill this wish. How can you be in an online journalism class when you do not keep up with current events in the world? It does not have to always be the hard-hitting news stories; it can also be the soft, alternative and even entertainment type of news.


I will need to set up a plan or goal to expand my sources of information. The two main sites I consistently view are Grantland and BBC News World. I am continuously checking BBC because when I was growing up, that was the only news station my family would watch on the television so I am more reluctant to view this news source.



Grantland is a news outlet I was introduced to by my sister. She is frequently checking different news and media sites and this was one I would very interactive. One thing that I am starting to get more involved in, is listening to their podcasts. It is very easy to open my computer in the morning while I am getting ready for school and listen to what they have to say.

Usually I plan to listen to the same one as my sister, so later that evening we can discuss what each other thought of the topics. I prefer doing this with a close friend or a family member because it allows me to speak my opinion even if it is not agreeing with the person I am talking to. I feel more comfortable discussing my opinions and values with people close to me because I know they will not judge me if I accidentally say something wrong or do not agree with them.

Talking about news to people is outside my comfort zone and I know I would feel better if  I did it more often. The improvements I need to make to my news diet are expanding the amount of news outlets I check. I know there are plenty of other news sites to look at, I am not certain which ones would be the best for me. To the people who are reading my blog, I would love to hear from you about what news sources you think are the best and I would gladly check them out.

-Alison Clarke